Lake & Pond Liners

Geo-membrane pond liners are impermeable, polymer based synthetic materials used to block fluid migration in man-made structures. Due to their flexibility, they can accommodate ground settling and shifting. When soil types are not suitable for integrated liquid liners or little to no seepage is required, a geo-membrane pond liner is an excellent choice. These products can be quickly installed by qualified contractors and are available in the following materials:

EPDM – is a durable geo-membrane pond liner with a proven history in exposed applications in ponds and lakes. EPDM exhibits high tensile strength and excellent resistance to punctures, UV radiation, weathering and microbial attack. EPDM can elongate over 300 percent, offering exceptional conformance and lay flat characteristics that are ideal for irregular shapes and contours.

HDPE – is the most widely used geo-membrane pond liner in the world due to it’s relatively inexpensive material cost and because it is available in thicknesses ranging from 40 to 120 mil. HDPE is an excellent product for large applications that require UV and Ozone resistance or high levels of chemical resistance.

PVC – is the most commonly specified geo-membrane pond liner in the industry. it is a highly flexible, non-reinforced, cost-effective, waterproofing lining material with high puncture strength and excellent abrasion resistance. Because of its high flexibility, PVC liners readily conform to sub grade contours.


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