Pondy Dye

AquaVeil lake and pond dye is a concentrated liquid dye for use in large ornamental ponds and irrigation lakes to block sunlight to the deeper areas of the pond. This helps slow the growth of aquatic vegetation and algae in a very affordable way. This product is packaged in concentrated quarts, and available in three natural looking colors: true blue (Pacific), blue-black (Atlantic) and black (Black Pearl). AquaVeil is a food grade equivalent lake and pond dye with the highest percentage of pure dye content on the market and is safe for humans, fish, plants, irrigation water, ornamental plants and turf grass. Owners and property managers use lake and pond dye to turn muddy and murky water into natural looking, reflective black or blue surfaces.

When using AquaVeil lake and pond dye the most important thing to determine is how much dye you will need. One quart will treat an entire surface acre of water, up to 6 feet deep and will last for one to two months in a contained pond. After calculating how much dye you’ll need to treat your lake or pond, simply pour AquaVeil lake and pond dye from the wide mouth, easy pour bottle in small amounts at various spots along the shore. Once added, the water currents and wind will spread it quickly throughout the water column. Within 24 hours, your lake or pond should be a deep blue or black depending on the color applied. While AquaVeil lake and pond dye can be applied at any time of the year, the first application is best made in early Spring before aquatic plants begin growing. Additional product can be added as needed to maintain the desired color.


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