much12OSR Systems was founded in 1990. It’s primary function and design is to remove the sediment and bottom muck or detritus (decaying organic biomass such as leaves, algae, weeds, animal waste, etc.) that causes most of the environmental damage to the ecology of our lakes and ponds. In addition to removing the bottom muck, our system also removes inorganic sediment, such as loam soils and soft clays, that have washed in through culverts, ditches and streams or from erosion that has mixed with organic material over time.

Most ponds start to fill in with sediment and detritus as soon as the construction end. It’s Nature’s Way. In the beginning, wading birds bring algae, weeds, and eggs to the pond. Then the wind contributes leaves, branches, grasses and other material and the rain contributes sediment through erosion. All of this accumulates in the bowl of the pond, usually the deepest area. The aerobic bacteria in the shallow, well-aerated areas of the pond breaks this organic matter down quickly but the anaerobic bacteria that lives in the deeper, poorly oxygenated areas does not. So the muck builds up over time, usually at the rate of a half an inch to an inch a year.

The old method for removing this sediment and bottom muck was dredging. Dredging is only effective when the pond has been completely drained, allowing the bottom sediment time to dry. Only then can it be mechanically removed with heavy equipment such as bulldozers and draglines. This means relocating all of the aquatic life and disturbing the entire ecological system of the lake and pond, basically starting over again. Unfortunately, it often rains during this drying process and that sets the timeline back by weeks and sometimes months.

Our solution is environmental-friendly since the pond does not have to be drained and aquatic life does not have to be relocated. The OSR system removes the bottom muck by hydraulically pumping the organic and inorganic sediment from the bowl areas without affecting the aquatic life that inhabits the pond. It is an extremely clean and cost-effective way of removing the material without the use of heavy equipment. Using our process, we can remove 15-20 years worth of accumulated bottom muck in 2-3 weeks.

After we’ve finished, the pond will be clear of muck and sediment down to the clay or membrane liner. This deprives the aquatic vegetation of the organic nutrients that were feeding it and makes weed and algae control much easier and cheaper. It also increases the amount of water the pond is able to hold and creates more habitat for the fish. It’s the perfect solution for a pond owner’s messiest problem.


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