We specialize in stocking forage and gamefish in Texas lakes and ponds and offer defined programs for adding forage fish like fathead minnows, threadfin shad, golden shiners, tilapia, sunfish and bluegills to increase the size and health of the bass and catfish in your lake or pond. Our programs focus on scheduled baitfish stockings during the Spring and Fall. It is critical that your predator species have plenty to eat before they go into the Winter and after they come out of it. This program guarantees that they do.

We also offer initial fish stockings of largemouth bass, coppernose bluegills, redear sunfish, blue catfish, channel catfish and hybrid blue-channel crosses for new ponds as well as corrective fish stockings for existing ponds that are no longer as productive as they once were. We use net, creel and electrofishing surveys to determine the proper number, size and species of fish that need to be stocked to get your Texas lake or pond back in shape.

When delivering your fish, we utilize the most modern fish stocking methods and equipment available. Our fish are transported in specially designed trucks with individual tanks supplied with 100% pure oxygen to each compartment. Upon arrival, the driver will take several steps to insure that the fish do not experience any unnecessary stress. Since large fluctuations in water quality can stress the fish, the water temperature is checked and compared with the temperature in the hauling truck. If there is more than a small difference in temperature, the fish will be tempered prior to release. Our years of experience stocking fish in Texas lakes and ponds assures that the fish you order arrives in excellent condition and mortality rates are low.

“My largemouth bass and bluegill are now 2 years old. The wife wanted to taste one so we did. I did not weigh him but it was a male and he was 16 ½ inches long. I have seen really big bass feeding. When I went on line, all of the size / age charts showed largemouth bass 16 inches to be about 4+ years old and 2 years old average around 12 inches. I feed them very well and aerate so maybe that effects their size. The Bluegill and Bass both tasted really good! Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for your help in the past to create our very good pond. ” – Glenn Prove


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