AccuDock Rowing & Paddle Sports Docks

Paddle sports are quickly becoming some of the most popular on-the-water activities across the world. AccuDock has a full line of dock configurations designed specifically for kayak, canoe, rowing and paddleboard docks. Being near the water’s surface when entering and exiting a kayak or paddleboard is essential, and most of their customers come back saying how much more they use their equipment due to the ease of getting on and off of the their docks. AccuDock offers low profile docks specifically designed for these applications made of unsinkable, polystyrene foam inside of molded float sections. AccuDock can manufacture these floats with heights of 5 to 98 inches. In addition, they make an aluminum frame floating dock system that can be adjusted to any height off the water by varying the thickness of the floatation underneath it. Standard aluminum frames are either 4” or 8”, and are topped with AccuDeck, a low profile, fully floating dock overlay that can utilize any type of composite or aluminum decking desired, in multiple colors and styles. AccuDock also offers a line of aluminum gangways and ramps that are custom fabricated for each application using their unique style and design consisting of  6000 series marine grade aluminum with an arched design for additional strength that provide sound walkways for residential, commercial or ADA use. Their ADA Compliant docks allow safe and easy access in and out of the water utilizing the AccuDock kayak/canoe assist bars, wheelchair transfer and Safe-Launch kayak/canoe platforms has proven to be a great asset to those who require ADA Compliant dock applications. Used in either residential or commercial applications, AccuDock custom fabricates each dock and pre-drills and pre-assembles it in their warehouse to ensure a quality end product for the customer. AccuDock docks are lightweight, portable, and easy to self-install. In fact, 75% of all applications are self-installed by the customer.



Pond King Floating Docks

Pond Kind Floating Docks

Nothing beats a weekend fishing, swimming or boating in your own lake or pond and nothing makes the water more usable than a Pond King floating dock. One benefit of a floating dock is that it will always be at the same distance from the water, despite the level of the pond. This is especially important in a lake or pond in Texas where the water levels can vary many feet in the course of a year. Pond King floating docks utilize a multiple hinge system that allows it to float up to 10’ above or below normal water levels. This feature makes a boat much easier to access, allows for quicker retrieval of fish and offers a shorter, safer climb to get out of the water after a swim. Another benefit of a Pond King floating dock is the materials that they are made of. Flotation is provided by encapsulated polyethylene sections that are non-reactive to water. This means that the structural integrity of the floats will not be compromised from sitting in the water. The frames are made of steel with a galvanized coating that has a 80-year life span or non-corrosive marine grade aluminum. These frames are capped with smooth, durable TimberTech composite deck board that is beautiful, barefoot approved and comes a 25 year limited warranty. Pond King floating docks are also exceptionally stable because they are built to support much more weight than a customer will ever need. In addition, they are anchored with a concreted 8’ wide base (4 piers in 3’ of concrete) that holds the dock bankside without cables or pipes.  When choosing a floating dock, it is important to know what you want to utilize the dock for, how many people you would like it to support, and what size best fits your needs. All Pond King floating docks can be customized to fit your needs and are 100% made in Texas, and built to last a lifetime.


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