AquaBiotics beneficial pond bacteria utilizes a unique mixture of bacteria and barley straw to combine the benefits of natural, eco-friendly microbes as well as pulverized barley straw powder, to naturally eliminate murky water, bottom muck, odors and problem nutrients in large ponds and lakes. The addition of this product to your lake or pond accelerates the rate of decomposition of the organic material that builds up over time. AquaBiotics beneficial pond bacteria comes packaged in pre-measured, 8 oz water-soluble packets that are designed to be added at the rate of 8 packets (4 lbs.) per surface acre every 2 to 4 weeks as well as 1 oz. blocks that sink to the bottom and break down the layers of organic muck there.

AquaBiotics beneficial pond bacteria has multiple bacteria species that can perform in water temperatures as low as 35 degrees. In addition, pulverized barley straw has been added to increase water clarity and quality. This product has been formulated with natural ingredients and is safe for wildlife, fish, pets and plants as well as for irrigating turf grass and landscaping. When used as recommended, AquaBiotics beneficial pond bacteria will eliminate bottom sludge, including organic muck from fish waste, excess fish food, decaying plants, grass clippings, and leaves and the odors created by their decomposition. This formulation also reduces high levels of problem nutrients such as phosphates and nitrates caused by the natural degradation of organic compounds and fertilizer runoff and murky water in ponds and lakes by removing the suspended organic particles that cause cloudy water.




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