Texas Lake and Pond Supplies is a small, family owned business located in New Braunfels, Texas. We grew up fishing for bluegills in stock tanks, catfish in the river and bass in the lake where we also swam and water-skied in the summer.  We know how much fun it is to catch fish in a well-managed pond and jump off the pier into the cool water of the lake on a hot day. We also know how frustrating it is when algae and aquatic plants clog up the shoreline so bad that you can’t fish without tangling up your hook or swim because of all the lake weeds clogging up the area around the dock.

Having been around lakes and ponds all of our lives, we became curious as to how we could improve the aesthetics and usability of the water that we enjoyed being around. So, we read, studied and talked to some of the best fishery biologists and pond managers in Texas and then tried what we learned on our own places. Over the years, we got pretty good at having a clean, clear shoreline and fertile ponds with lots of big, healthy fish. Our neighbors noticed, and they asked us to help them and then their neighbors called and before you know it, a business was born.

Still being curious, we constantly checked out new ideas for lake and pond management and sought out the very best products and equipment to improve our results and make the job easier and more affordable. What you see on this web site is the culmination of that journey. We believe this is the finest collection of products to help a lake or pond owner manage their own water. We not only sell the best, we install it and service it as well and we’ll always be there to answer your questions or share our experiences.

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